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Sarah Diamond, Ph.D.

Executive Director/Principal Consultant 


Dr. Diamond is an independent consultant.  She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999.   After completing her Ph.D., she worked as a visiting professor of anthropology for three years.  Seeking to engage in applied research, she then came to Connecticut to work as an Associate Research Scientist at the Institute for Community Research where she honed her skills in community-based participatory research pertaining to urban issues, youth development and public health.  

Sarah has extensive experience directing and evaluating federal and state-funded behavioral health interventions.   Her approach to evaluation and research is participatory and inclusive.  She aims to achieve optimal results through collaboration and shared leadership that involves individuals across an organization, clients as well as key community stakeholders in the planning and research process to the fullest extent possible.  Sarah enjoys training and mentoring others to help demystify the evaluation process and promote shared accountability for achieving results.  Her research has been published in peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Adolescent Research, Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Use, and Journal of Community Psychology and an edited book by communication experts on Reducing Health Disparities: Communication Interventions.

She established Diamond Research Consulting LLC in August, 2010 to expand and grow her research partnerships with a variety of community-based organizations, universities, government agencies and community-led coalitions. Since establishing her consulting practice, Sarah has gained extensive experience with strategic planning and evaluation for start-up grassroots organizations, public-private partnerships, regional coalitions, and collective impact projects.  


Sarah has also conducted research on the impact of criminal justice policies on urban health, which led her to work as a community organizer and advocate for criminal justice reform.  She played a leadership role in passage of CT's first statewide “Ban the Box” bill, and other criminal justice reform measures in CT. She became a CT Health Leadership Fellow in 2012 and co-chair for the CT Multicultural Health Partnership evaluation committee, furthering her advocacy work towards health equity in CT.


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